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    Q: What are the main differences between Blockscape and Minecraft (or one if its many lookalikes)?
    A: Minecraft is like Duplo (with only one big type of block) while Blockscape is like Lego (with many small types of blocks). Minecraft is cute and retro while Blockscape is serious and realistic. Minecraft is a survival game while Blockscape is going to be more like a game construction set with many types of games to play. Minecraft has a fantasy world while Blockscape will be able to have any type of world (scifi, realistic, fantasy...).

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    If you want to try out the very latest build of Blockscape or discuss the game with other users then please join the forum at

    Blockscape is currently in phase 1 and in open beta.

    Phase 1 is the world of blockscape. It is the environment you play in. All the trees, mountains, rivers, caves and all the blocks that they are made of. It is the tools you use to shape the world. It is the rules for how things works.
    Phase 2 will contain actual gaming modes (Defence, RPG/Survival and God)
    Phase 3 is a secret.

    - - - - - - - -

    Game modes:

    • Defense Mode
      The first true 3d tower defense game. Yes, there are some tower defense games that use 3d engines but in Blockscape the actual gameplay will be 3d.
    • God Mode
      Right now it is just a mode where you don't need to mine to gather resources and you also have the abillity to fly.
      In the future I plan to add features that will make it work more like a house/village/city/world simulation.
    • Survival/RPG
      Survival/RPG game of epic proportions.

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    Default Re: Blockscape

    mi piace l'idea del tower defense cooperative multiplayer in cui devi craftare le torri ^_^
    OH DON PIANO ! - Continuano a bannarlo da Iutub ! 'Stardi !
    (E infatti l'hanno ri-bannato. Ma io l'ho ritrovato ! Pappappero.)

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