questo mi pare funzionale, qualcuno mi dice se ha qualcosa che non va? l'ho pescato su WoW Vault

Arms Talents (19 points)

Deflection - 5/5 points
Increases your Parry chance by 5%.

Improved Rend - 3/3 points
Increases the bleed damage done by your Rend ability by 35%.

Improved Charge - 2/2 points
Increases the rage generated by your Charge ability by 6.

Deep Wounds - 3/3 points
Your critical strikes cause the opponent to bleed, dealing 60% of your melee weapon's average damage over 12 seconds.

Tactical Mastery - 2/5 points
You retain up to 10 of your rage points when you change stances.

Impale - 2/2 points
Increases the critical strike damage done by your abilities in Battle, Defensive, and Berserker stance by 20%.

Improved Overpower - 2/2 points
Increases the critical strike chance of your Overpower ability by 50%.

Fury Talents (32 points)

Cruelty - 5/5 points
Increases your chance to get a critical strike with melee weapons by 5%.

Improved Demoralizing Shout - 5/5 points
Increases the attack power reduction of your Demoralizing Shout by 25%.

Piercing Howl - 1/1 points
Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed for 6 seconds.

Unbridled Wrath - 5/5 points
Gives you a 40% chance to generate an additional Rage point when you deal melee damage.

Blood Craze - 3/3 points
Allows 15% of your Health regeneration to work during combat for 20 seconds after being the victim of a critical strike.

Enrage - 5/5 points
Gives you a 40% melee damage bonus for 4 swings any time you are the victim of a critical strike.

Death Wish - 1/1 points
When activated, increases your melee damage by 20% and makes you immune to fear, but lowers your defense against all types of damage by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.

Flurry - 5/5 points
Increases your attack speed by 30% for your next 3 swings after dealing a critical strike.

Improved Execute - 2/2 points
Reduces the Rage cost of your Execute ability by 5.

Protection Talents (0 points)