A pivotal central defensive signing for the already phenomenally talented Man City, Dias is one of the most calm centre-backs ever to grace the English Premier League. As in real life, Dias is exceptionally confident on soccer in FIFA 23 Coins. The stats on his passing are in the top ten, making him almost like a Kevin De Bryune as he is Tony Adams or John Terry.

An additional FIFA 23 entry Another entry from FIFA 23. Man City player. Yawn. Beware of non-Citizens, because this list is bound to become more boring. It's as if Pep Guardiola is the greatest manager in football, or something, since here's another incredible FIFA 23 player who just so happens to reside on his books. In terms of his creativity it's hard to find a better LB like Cancelo FIFA 23.

He might have been around from the time of the GTX 970--and , in fact, definitely longer, but City's RB is speedy beyond his years. A natural athlete who seems to have untapped speed potential It's hard to find a right-back we'd prefer to be signing in FIFA 23 as the former Tottenham ace.

He's just presented Ronaldo by scoring his 700th goal in his career with the club, but we think we'd prefer to start McTominay. Jokes! Five times Champions League winner may not get any younger and his earnings will cost you a ridiculous sum to play FIFA 23, which has a Career Mode however DMs don't come any higher in experience or sophistication than Casemiro.

The most inventive midfielder to ever play in the Premier League... and he's with a few years in front of him. The aging Kev has probably been one of the best players of world football for the last decade. Not only is he brutal on the field for a midfielder, his assist rate is top-notch. As you can see, some of these positions are way out outdated compared to the current trends going on in the football world right now, but that's FIFA and excessively relying on older players for you. Putting that aside it's the 20 top players that you can today sign or work with within FUT 23 Coins buy .