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Here we go! alcune son scandalosamente utili da sapere, leggetele tutte mi raccomando, non penso di aggiornare il primo post ma piuttosto facciamone di nuovi così ci teniamo aggiornati con quelli.


In the Main map (lower right corner) there's tick boxes that you can check to show Missions, Facilities, Allies, Territory & Enemies. On the lower left is where you can select a Hotspot to join in the `Instant Action`.

Using the F Keys allows to switch positions in a vehicle. Except the drivers seat (F1) if you didn't spawn the vehicle

Heavy Assault have a shield, activate is using F

The Quick Action Menu (Q)

For those of you who haven't played with the QAM yet, I wanted to give a brief rundown of what it is.

The quick action menu is a contextual radial menu that displays whenever you aim at someone and press and hold the spotting button ([Q] by default). You can use the QAM to quickly send friend requests, to invite to squad/platoon, to mute/ignore, and to send messages. There are also a number of contextual options that appear in the top-center position. Those option include:
Request transport (when targeting an ally vehicle with available seating)
Request ammo (when targeting an ally engineer)
Offer ammo (when targeting an ally as an engineer)
Request healing (when targeting an ally combat medic)
Offer healing (when targeting an a damaged ally soldier)
Request repairs (when targeting a engineer as a MAX or as a vehicle occupant)
Offer repairs (when targeting a damaged MAX or vehicle as an engineer)
All of the contextual options have canned voice messages that play on both the target and source (ex: "I need a ride!"). Also, the indicator of the player triggering the message will blink on the HUD and minimap for a few seconds after each request.
Look around in the cockpit using the middle mouse button (by default).

holdin down 'B' key is a select fire on infantry guns.

The little towers with blue steering wheel/ammo icons are where you park vehicles to resupply.

left shift in sniper mode to "breath hold"

left shift in aircraft for afterburners

F activates specials on infantry and MAX. Each is different

You can steer your drop pods. And kill thing by hitting them with it! http://www.tacticalgamer.com/images/smilies/wink.gif

Pressing F as a medic heals yourself as well as others

You can drive a flash indoors even up stairs around corners etc

You gain a cert point upon successfully capturing/defending a facility.

You can buy different types of grenades depending on your class and certs.

Scythes are squishy enough that ramming them with a Reaver has a chance to kill it. Coincidentally, this is also how I learned there is a bonus for "Ramming" other vehicles to death.

You can press "T" in almost any vehicle and go into the 3rd person.

When pressing middle mouse button to look around you can aim the nose cannon.

You can destroy the spawn tube generators in the bases with C4 to prevent the spawns from operating in outlying bases - great if you want to capture a base deep in enemy territory.
When trying to resecure an outlying base - ensure you get an engineer to fix the spawn point generator as a priority to give yourself an easier time. The same goes for shield generators etc. These things take a serious kicking though.

Toward the back side of a Galaxy there is a blue strip. Press 'E' to use as an equipment terminal.

You can also 'Resupply' at a friendly equipment terminal to return to full life/armour

Hit "ALT" to free your mouse cursor (e.g. to scroll through chat) while still moving/strafing.

"ALT" + "F" will display your FPS (frames per second) in the bottom left corner.

"F11" will automatically put you into a squad (auto-join).

You can stock up on grenades. Buy a bunch at once and you'll be replenished upon spawn, if need be.

Implants (when equipped) give a benefit for 24 hours. Mighty useful to reduce vehicle spawn timers.

Hit "ESC" and click "Support" in the bottom left corner, to report any Bug you encounter.

Z is default squad chat, and NumPad 4 is local VoIP.

Pressing "v" brings up a quick voice command submenu to issue quick commands like "Help!" and "Follow me!"

If you buy claymores for you Engineer, they replace the ammo pack slot. But you apparently still have access to ammo packs, hit the key to bring out your place-able turret, then hit the B key.

Some vehicle weapon turrets have an enemy auto-target function. Hold down the Q key when targeting an enemy and select auto-target(?). Supposedly your turret will start moving on its own.

Don't hit a jump-pad whilst sprinting, it'll toss you right over your intended landing area to your death.
(questa io e possa la conosciamo bene :asd:)

The capture area for control points is pretty wide. Some buildings you can be on the roof.

Might be an obvious one, but in air vehicles, space is ascend and ctrl is descend.

Don't stand on vehicle spawn pads.

Don't stand in front of vehicle spawn pads.

Don't stand anywhere near tanks or APCs, regardless of affiliation.

MAX units cannot capture points. Clear points of defenders and move on or defend against counter-attack.

•Engineers when manning their turrets can press T to go to third person mode.

•In the Sunderer’s driver seat, on the center console is a light up switch. The lights go on when you take on more passengers and turn off when they leave.

•You can access bio labs from a very small hole in the very top of the roof.

•Kills caused by friendly fire count on your stat page the same way as a suicide or death from a hostile player.

•You can drop from the Galaxy and take no damage, no matter how high the Galaxy is.

•Pressing B in the prowler let you dig in - spiked wheels on the TR Prowler and decreased reload time giving it a faster salvo. There is no special ability for the VS Magrider or NC Vanguard.

• C4 - Right click to throw, hold left click to detonate.

•You can add members to your squad from inside your friends list by selecting the option for it in your friends submenu.

• Landing the Galaxy press B to deploy shields.

•You can shoot mines to detonate them. Not C4
•Equipment and vehicle terminals can be destroyed. They're worth 100 points if hostile.

•/squad invite <playername>
•/squad kick <playername>
•/squad leave
•/sq this sends a message to your squad
•/l or /local sends a message to the local area
•/yell sends a yell

le perk accessori delle armi sono potenti! il laser sight riduce cono e spread dei proiettili
il vertical grip riduce oscillazione orizzontale in raffiche prolungate

non scappate dai medici mentre vi curano, ma soprattuto non Sprintate o non vi staranno dietro.

il carro armato Vanguard dovrebbe avere un'abilità speciale scudo attivabile con X, forse da certificare

Alt + T gives you a rangefinder. This is so great.
Limit appears to be about 500m. :S
The rangefinder follows your cursor when it is onscreen.
The Vanguard seems to hit at 200m when using the first full bar down from the crosshair.
The AV base turrets' marks appear to correspond roughly to 50m intervals, with every full-length bar being a 100m interval, starting at 100m for the first full bar.

The thermal scope certificate for weapons is great. It really helps when fighting at darker times of the day.

Per poter fare del Sunderer una base mobile dovete prima andare nelle certificazioni e trainare la perk Mobile Spawn Unit, e una volta certificata dovete andare nella sezione dei veicoli e nel loadout a vostra scelta del sunderer equipaggiarlo nello slot appropriato

Le torrette base del sunderer sono abbastanza imprecise e lente contro la fanteria ma sono molto pericolose se puntate combinate sullo stesso veicolo/velivolo nemico, leggero o pesante che sia

quando sparate con armi automatiche cercate di essere sempre di sparare in modalità di mira in spalla, la precisione è fortemente ridotta in fuoco non controllato senza mirino laser, evitate raffiche lunghe se privi di impugnatura verticale, abbassatevi per ottenere il massimo della precisione su tiro controllato e colpo singolo

il Liberator è considerato il "Bombardiere" tra i mezzi volanti, il 2ndo posto è la torretta adibita al bombardamento e l'arma base sbloccata è una quadrupla chaingun, può muoversi a 360 ed è collocata nella parte inferiore del velivolo, il che vuol dire che vede tutto ciò che succede a terra se vi tenete a una certa altezza, se vedete un liberator in posizione di hovering sopra la vostra testa cercate riparo :asd:

molte basi maggiori possiedono numerose torrette tra Antiaeree e Anticarro, quelle anticarro sparano molto velocemente e richiedono circa 5 colpi per distruggere un carro con certificazioni default, sono però abbastanza semplici da distruggere con lanciarazzi e cannonate, attenzione però che possono essere riparate in fretta anche una volta distrutte

un modo veloce per distruggere un max nemico da soli è con 2 razzi dell'heavy Assault

i Fari di Rigenerazione hanno colore per ogni fazione e possono essere distrutti anche con pochi colpi di pistola, distruggeteli se ne vedete di avversari (Viola/Rossi)

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Gli altri Video Basic, molto interessanti, alcuni vi spiegano anche le peculiarità dei veicoli di fazione opposta, KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

Link ai Game Tutorials (http://www.planetside2.com/game-tutorials)

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DIO .... è la 3a volta che mi si chiude sta cazzo di PAGINA DI MERDA.


squad leader, vi da gli ordini e voi state zitti, in caso qualche suggerimento
vi da accesso allo spawn orbitale ogni tot minuti con cooldown in base ai pc spesi
può comunicare con altri capisquadra
può richiedere rinforzi per attacco e difesa
vi mette indicatori di obbiettivo e di regroup (es. Flare o indicatore Verde)

porco cazzo ai forum del cazzo

eran tipo 40 righe, ma ho riassunto il succo :asd:

28/11/2012, 13:32
aggiungo una curiosità

le armi possono essere provate per mezz'ora prima di acquistarle. si fa dalla schermata di acquisto, in basso dovrebbe esserci un pulsantino apposta.

se mai avremo 1k cert points, prima di buttarli sull'arma più grossa e con la skin più tamarra testiamola sul campo! (capito Cloud? :7:)

28/11/2012, 16:21
aggiungo una curiosità

le armi possono essere provate per mezz'ora prima di acquistarle. si fa dalla schermata di acquisto, in basso dovrebbe esserci un pulsantino apposta.

se mai avremo 1k cert points, prima di buttarli sull'arma più grossa e con la skin più tamarra testiamola sul campo! (capito Cloud? :7:)

sta cosa continuo a leggerla ma continuo a non farlo maledizione, devo testare!! :D

29/11/2012, 13:45
sta cosa continuo a leggerla ma continuo a non farlo maledizione, devo testare!! :D

Si poi devi aspettare 7 o 8h per poterne provare una qualsiasi altra però

cani infedeli, cmq il mio vanguard ha un cannone che oneshotta i caccia uahsuash Torok testimone lol

29/11/2012, 15:27
Si poi devi aspettare 7 o 8h per poterne provare una qualsiasi altra però

cani infedeli, cmq il mio vanguard ha un cannone che oneshotta i caccia uahsuash Torok testimone lol

ahaha sei una puttana mi dovevi comprare windows 8 :(


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ok ora voglio la sub-sezione azel <3

http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/01/planetside-2025-soes-big-plans-for-the-future/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockpapershotgun%2Fsteam+%28R ock%2C+Paper%2C+Shotgun%3A+Steam+RSS%29

These days, when an MMO maker declares its intention to carry on until the day the sun reveals it’s actually been a giant Pac-Man the entire time and devours us all in one fell wakka, it’s easy to be skeptical. Extremely skeptical. But PlanetSide 2 (http://www.planetside2.com/) seems to be off to an especially strong start, and no one ever got anywhere – except maybe off the edge of a cliff – by being shortsighted. And so, in a blog post outlining his three-year plan (http://john-smedley.livejournal.com/2412.html) for the truly massive MMOFPS, CEO John Smedley explained that “we’re thinking about a game we plan to have running in 2025.” Which, as you may have noticed, is a bit more than three years from now. But that comparatively short span is the part SOE’s really focusing on, and by the end of it, Smedley’s hoping for player-owned bases, harvestable resources, seamless oceans between continents, NPC armies, and tons more.
It’s quite a behemoth of a post, but here are some of the standouts:
“We plan on releasing continents that are empty or partially empty where players can build their own bases. These are open world bases, so others will be able to attack them. We’re also planning on having these continents heavily resource based with new resource types that will be very rare, and lots of cool new stuff that can be built out of these new resources. Imagine [StarCraft II] style resource harvesting with physical vehicles doing the mining or the harvesting.”

“Water between continents – seamlessly – this is really hard tech, but our goal is to make the whole planet seamless and allow water based vehicles.”That last bit, especially, sounds completely insane. Meanwhile, Smedley wants to populate these areas – at least, in part – with NPCs that players can both fight and command. “Imagine,” he wrote, “as the commander of a base, sending an NPC army towards another base MOBA-style – except it’s in the middle of the Planetside 2. This isn’t another game mode. It’s all part of the same game.”

Other goals include weather, tons more vehicles and weapons, and eSports support. That said, all of this is subject to change. To its credit, SOE seems to understand quite well that players are the glue that holds its game together, so they’ll get final say. ”This isn’t some ‘vision’ we plan on imparting on our players,” Smedley clarified. “It’s our thoughts on what we think would be cool. We will listen to our users feedback and make changes based on that feedback.”
OK then, apropos of nothing, I want a landshark gun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MktPVfMrFmg). Anybody feel like starting the petition?