View Full Version : [PS2] Reporting Players

04/01/2013, 15:08

War is above all a gentleman's game and we prefer that you behave as such. Soldiers who do not respect the PlanetSideŽ 2 Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and should be reported to the proper authorities.

There are several methods for handling an abusive player:

In-Game Open chat and enter "/report CharacterName". A report will be generated and sent straight to the enforcement team for review. Note that we do not take this lightly. All reported players are investigated, but so are the players doing the reporting. We can't be a pawn in some silly personal vendetta now, can we?

Out of Game Open a support ticket and report the player. Include as full a description as possible of what the player was doing, at what time and on which server. The same rule as above applies here: both reporter and reportee will be investigated. If you have already reported the player in-game, a ticket is not needed.

Above all, act mature out there. Make sure that the player you're reporting has actually and blatantly violated the Code of Conduct before letting that report trigger finger fly. Disputes are always best settled out on the battlefield, after all.