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    Oltre ad informarvi delle due patch uscite fin'ora posto le patch notes in preda alla contentezza di aver acquistato un gioco che oltre a non richiedere abbonamento viene pure aggiornato due volte pochi giorni dopo l'uscita.

    Update - Monday May 2

    Increase value of Celestial Sigil on traders
    Restore footprints and display of path taken on map
    Save chat filter preferences
    Update Korean translation
    Add missing resurrect point to "Sage Lands"
    Correct miscellaneous text and NPC names
    Correct names and armor values for Druid armor in ?Ventari?s Refuge?
    Update monster difficulty in ?Augury Rock?, ?Sage Lands?
    Fix animation problem for final gate in Dragon's Lair
    Fix bear hunters? reward from ?Regent Valley?
    Fix bug that returned players to pre-searing Ascalon if they logged out immediately after the searing
    Fix district menu periodically displaying the wrong district number
    Fix misleading signpost in ?Lion?s Arch?
    Fix splinter mines in ?Elon?a Reach?; they now only damage NPCs when players drop them
    Fixes for miscellaneous rare crash bugs
    Improve hardware compatibility

    Update - Sunday May 1

    Add request for email confirmation during account creation
    Add new "/preorder" command to restore preorder items
    Incorporate quest improvements to "Althea's Ashes" and "Regent Valley Defense"
    Update European and Korean translations
    Fix "cancel" button when setting up guild matches
    Fix camera periodically refusing to enter first-person mode
    Fix henchmen periodically refusing to follow the party after resurrecting
    Fix statue activation when a world gains Favor of the Gods
    Fix Signet of Capture unlocking skills
    Fixes for lag
    Fixes for miscellaneous rare crash bugs
    Improve hardware compatibility

    Se il buongiorno si vede dal mattino...

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    il buongiorno sarebbe un programma bug free, ma le pach sono comunque prova di buona volonta'

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    NESSUN PROGRAMMA ? BUG FREE! per? son davvero dei figosi sti qui di gw :P

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