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    Let's start speaking about how i plan to kill it

    First of all, his attacks:

    ? Melee
    His melee attacks are pretty weak, no more than 1500 hits on cloth users.

    ? 'Shadowbolt Volley'
    Shoots out an insanely long range volley of Shadowbolts that damage anything it can target in distance for 800-1000 damage. The volley totally ignores all line of sight issues: it cannot be dodged.

    ? Twisted Reflection
    Casts a magical debuff (on a random player in range other than the player with aggro) that heals Lord Kazzak for 25,000 health each time he deals damage to the player with this debuff. This combined with the Shadowbolt Volley can ruin the attempt.

    ? Mark of Kazzak
    Casts a curse (on a random player in range with mana) that drains the target's mana for 250 per second and explodes for 4,000 AOE damage when there is no more mana to drain. A living bomb.

    ? Cleave
    Attacks a number of melee range players around him with a cleaving strike that deals 1000-2000 damage to each. Since a 'blind spot' has not been found, Cleave might be capped to a certain number of players affected.

    ? Thunderclap
    A point blank area of effect spell, hardly dealing any damage, but slowing movement speed. Some have reported 200 damage, some say it doesn't deal damage at all. Doesn't seem to affect attacking speed either.

    ? Void Bolt
    A strong bolt he may cast only on the player with aggro, deals up to 3500-4000 shadow damage (or more&#33. NOTE: when Kazzak switches aggro he ALWAYS casts this bolt on the new target! If the target has less than 3500hp, he/she's verly likely to die, healing kazzak and starting the wipe process. Be careful to leave the aggro to the MT or Kazzak will start spamming this one on mages and rogues (high DPS/aggro)

    ? Capture Soul
    When a player, pet or totem gets killed, Lord Kazzak casts this spell to instantly regenerate 70,000 health.

    Alright, now you know pretty well what you're fighting against. Here's how the battle itself works:

    Once he is aggroed and the fight begins, you have no more than three (3) minutes to kill him. I'll explain later why. He starts off with everything he's got. He keeps meleeing the main tank while Cleaving once in a while for rogues swarming around him and keeps sending Shadowbolt Volleys to hurt everyone around. The volleys are not on a timer, instead he casts them as he sees fit. In some rare cases there's about 30 seconds between the casts, sometimes he does it every five seconds. In the meantime, he casts Twisted Reflection and the rarer Mark of Kazzak on random people.

    What to do here:

    Send your main tank in and let him build some aggro for a short while, just enough so he won't come at you the first time you cast something on him. Then unload. Have your DPS classes give him everything they have. Priests have to be extra mindful about the magical debuff he casts on your group. It has to be removed as soon as possible or the attempt will soon end in a disaster. Priests are also in charge of healing their groups thanks to that Shadowbolt Volley that keeps hitting everyone all the time. Mages need to be on top of the curse situtation. Mark of Kazzak can and will cause a wipe if you let it go off on you. Dispel the curse as soon as you can. All casters should also leave about 1000 mana in their mana pool just in case he casts the curse on you. That'll give the mages four seconds to dispel before it goes off. In other words, 1000 mana is out of mana in this raid encounter. Also, anyone dying during the fight is not an option. Unless it happens during the first five seconds of the fight, you've failed already. Do not use grounding totems, pets or other small things he can kill for the 70,000 health heal.

    Your group will have exactly three minutes to finish the demon off. If you fail to kill him in that time due to lack of DPS, people dying or not dispelling Twisted Reflection properly, Lord Kazzak will enter what is called the supreme mode. Named after his yell once it triggers, the supreme mode causes him to cast his Shadowbolt every second. That's 800-1000 DPS on everyone, kids, and that means a wipe.

    Things you need:

    Decursive mod if you're class can cleanse / decurse

    Pets aren't allowed.

    Once reached Buffing Area, we'll prepare to pull.

    Aggro will be managed by the main tank in the right area.

    Healers and casters will stay out of cleave area while nuking kazzak / keeping LOS with their healing targets.

    We've 3 mins for killing kazzak, after those, he will enter godmode and wipe us.
    It will mean that after 10 seconds since aggro is being managed by the only aggrokeeper, everybody will unleash the power of his damagedealing class, while trying not to get aggro.

    I think that bok and wisdom will be the most important buffs for casters, blessing of might and bok for the damagedealers.
    Blessing of light will be casted on aggrokeeper.

    Pallies: you'll have to act as an healer, first thing is to keep people alive, second thing is to keep all the people cleansed.
    Mages: your first purpose will be to be damagedealer, on par with decurse your allies, when you see a curse, don't wait for the cast for being finished, stop it and start decursing.
    Warriors: leave the aggro to the main tank, don't taunt the mob from him.
    Priests: just heal and keep the people cleansed
    Rogue: unleash the most damage you can, always trying not to take aggro, when you reach 60% life due to volley and cleaves, retreat and bandage yourself, then go back.
    Hunters: unleash your damage in those 3 mins, REMEMBER NOT TO USE PETS.
    Druid: heal and decurse
    Warlock: any warlock? keep curse of elements up.

    All the parties will be shadow protected from pallies, the maintank group will have devotion aura, and priest will shadow protect his group.

    Read those line belows if your class uses mana.

    Paladins: when you reach 1k mana, stop healing and just cleanse.
    Mages: when you reach 1,5k mana and you have no way to fill your manabar again (evocation , potions) , start spamming some lowrank spell and cast your higher rank just with clearcasting. Keep decursing
    Druids, 1k soil: keep decursing
    Priests, 1k soil: keep cleansing
    Hunter 1k soil: just autoshoot
    Warlock 1,5k soil: just keep the curse up.

    P.s.: grazie a Krynnie per la guida.
    Zeo / Kildare

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    Mi sono permesso di aggiornare la parte del Void Bolt da 4000 con le nostre scoperte
    13 Il giorno dopo, usc di nuovo e, vedendo due Ebrei che stavano rissando, disse a quello che aveva torto: Perch percuoti il tuo fratello?. 14 Quegli rispose: Chi ti ha costituito capo e giudice su di noi? Pensi forse di uccidermi, come hai ucciso l'Egiziano?.

    Se questo fosse un film d'azione hollywoodiano, Mos direbbe "indovinato", tirando fuori due mitragliatrici e aprendo il fuoco. Ma purtroppo, come gi detto, queste sono elucubrazioni, e nelle elucubrazioni non succedono cose cos divertenti.

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    questo si potrebbe mettere nella sezione instance

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